My best dental clinic Pune is highly technoscientific for oral surgery and implantation, which makes it the best clinic known in the area for experienced implant dentist Dr. Awanthis. 

Dr. Awanthi’s cosmetic implant Dental Clinic offers dental implant treatment performed by Dr. Awanthi as a complete replacement for those infected or missing teeth. Dental Implants are a lasting solution for missing one or more teeth. Esthetica Dental clinic is the most reputable dental implant and cosmetic surgery in Pune, India.

Going to the dental clinic can be a stressful activity. mainly when it is your first visit to a new dentist. We want to support you and put those matters and anxieties to relax. We want to make your first experience and every experience with us, as tension-free and as resting as possible.

We provide a wide range of dental care therapies and teeth smile makeover resolutions and face resolution treatments in Pune, India to give you that excellent billion-dollar stardom smile.

We give you complete family Anti-ageing treatments and dentistry in one place.

We have expertise in Dental Implants, Single sitting root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, Anti-ageing treatment, and Laser teeth whitening, etc…

Dental Implants can be a useful method to restore one tooth or several teeth, each implant consists of a metal anchor that is entered into the jaw bone and a protruding post that is outfitted with an unnatural tooth. Dental implant reconstructions generally view, feel, and function like original teeth.

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A person can come into the operation with sick teeth and discharge on the same date with the implants having been inserted into the tooth sockets. Smiles can be restored in one day.

Keep your face look with a stylish approach for a natural look like dental implants with a lifetime surety.

This technique is innovative allowing the fit of a cosmetic denture or repaired bridge to only 4 immediate placed dental implants in the same day.

  • Teeth in a single day
  • on day teeth
  • Same-day smile
  • The quick and fixed dental implants idea

Dental Implant Procedure, Experienced dental implant dentists usually take this method in three levels. Checking is done via the dental doctor to understand where the implant is required. After getting the required measure, the implants are designed that match with the rest of the teeth. During the implant mode, the replacement is entered and closed with a screw to prevent debris from entering. Usually, it needs 3 to 6 months for the gums to tighten around the implant. Everyone wishes to have a gorgeous smile and Dental Care Dental Implants method will help you achieve one without any hurt.

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