Dental Implant

Dental Implants are titanium alloy implants that are anchored into the jawbone. Titanium alloy is the material that is used in joint replacement procedures (knee and hips). It’s strong, lightweight and has been proven it is safe.


Factors decide the Cost of Dental Implants :-

  • The manufacturing or make of Implants – If the implants are manufactured by internationally renowned companies from GERMANY, U.S or SWISS, they cost more. That is simply because these implants adhere to the international safety standards and are approved by CE and FDI. On the other hand, if the implants are manufactured in INDIA, ISRAEL they cost lesser. The patient can finally take a call on which make of implants to be used. Remember that the implants are going to be placed in your jaw bone and have to stay there for a life time. So choosing the right make of implant contributes to the success of the procedure.
  • The expertise of the Implant Surgeon – Implant placement is a very sensitive procedure which requires careful diagnosis, accurate treatment planning and precise execution of the surgical and prosthetic phases. Implant surgeon who has undergone extensive training and has enough experience in handling difficult cases is required to make the entire procedure safe, risk free and successful for the patient.
  • The infrastructure of the Surgery/Clinic – Implant surgical procedure, requires state of the art facility and advanced equipment to make the entire procedure safe and comfortable for the patient. It is not a routine dental procedure like filling or cleaning. Implant procedure requires a complete Sterile Atmosphere with the proper sterile draping of the patient and adherence to strict asepsis during the procedure and the latest equipment to make the procedure risk proof.
  • At Dr. Awanti Mathesul Dental Clinic our Dental Implants Specialist Dr. Awanti Mathesul who have undergone extensive international training in implant placement. They have enormous experience in handling most difficult cases requiring sinus surgeries, bone grafting and on lay graft procedures. We have separate surgical theatre required for the procedure and adhere to Strict Protocol of Asepsis during the surgery to make the procedure safe for the patients. We do not compromise on the quality of the implants used during the procedure. All the patients will have access to the details pertaining to the make of implant and FDI and CE approvals.

Benefits of Dental Implants :-

  • It avoids grinding down healthy teeth for conventional bridgework.
  • Replaces teeth without sacrificing quality of the adjacent teeth.
  • Fuses to living bone for the “Real-tooth” feel.
  • It provides a reliable, long term, dental solution that can last a lifetime.

Advantages of Dental Implants done at Dr. Mathesul Dental Solutions :-

  • At Dr. Mathesul Dental Solutions We use imported Swiss Technology where every patient can have fixed teeth within 2 days. Doing Dental Implants in Pune there will be no more cut, Bone Grafting, waiting time needed. Our Dentists have gone abroad and received this training; hence this treatment is unique and available here.
  • Avoid grinding of adjacent healthy teeth to replace missing teeth.
  • Get rid of ill-fitting loose denture and get fixed permanent teeth.
  • Accurate case planning with cone -mean ct scan images and advanced dental software.
  • Get fixed teeth on the day of extraction (tooth in a day).
  • Experienced operators (placed over 100+ implants).
  • Use of only FDA approved imported Dental Implants.