Fixed Teeth & Bridges – Metal/Ceramic

Crowns basically restore the form and function of the teeth which are decayed or weakened by root canal treatment or fractures. The difference between crown and bridges is that crown strengthens the structure of a single tooth while bridge replaces one or more teeth by taking support from the adjacent teeth.

When do you need a crown?

You require a crown due to the following reasons:

  • After root canal treatment
  • When your tooth is partly fractured, which makes it impossible to restore it using the usual restorative materials
  • If you have a discolored or malformed tooth – you may require prior root canal treatment if your tooth is non vital
  • When you go for implants
  • To mask the space discrepancies and for aesthetic reasons

Fixed partial Dentures or Bridges

Bridges are also known as fixed dentures as you need not remove the bridges and do regular cleaning just like removable dentures. In fact, you are not able to remove them as they are strongly attached to the tooth structure by means of adhesive materials. You need bridges when you have lost teeth and have strong adjacent teeth for support. Those having severe gum disease and mobile adjacent teeth are poor candidates for fixed dentures or bridges.

Which type of crown and bridge to choose?

Different types of crowns are there now available which includes metallic, metal ceramic, and all ceramic. Metallic crowns are used less nowadays due to their less aesthetic quality. If used, they are confined to the back teeth that are not visible when you smile.

Metal ceramic crowns offer more strength and aesthetics when compared to metallic crowns. They have an inner layer of metal with an outer coating of porcelain. They provide a cheaper option for those who look for both the qualities- strength and aesthetics.

However, the inner layer of metal makes it unsuitable for use in the front areas. For the front teeth, the best choice is an all ceramic crown (metal free crowns).

All Ceramic Crowns

Advantages of all ceramic crowns are so many.

They provide the natural translucent appearance of the teeth and it is really hard to distinguish between a crown and the normal tooth after the treatment. Exact shade matching procedures will ensure that the color is matching perfectly with the adjacent teeth. Moreover, they provide adequate strength too to make it a choice for the front as well as the back (posterior) teeth.

All ceramic crowns too are of different types based on their slight difference in properties. Zirconia crowns have become popular owing to the superior strength. 3M Lava Zirconia crowns even have a warranty ranging from 5-15 eyars depending on the type you choose.

Some people may have allergic reactions to metal crowns. For them, metal free crowns and bridges would be the ideal choice.

How long will it take for the crown and bridge treatment?

The treatment will span from 5-10 days and multiple appointments are required to make sure that the crown is perfect in all aspects. During the time period, you will be wearing a temporary crown or bridge so that it enables you to carry out your daily activities smoothly.For those who cannot wait, treatment is rendered with high priority.

How long will crowns and bridges last?

Most of the ceramic crowns and bridges last lifelong is cared well. You need to maintain the health of your gums by regular brushing and cleaning. No additional care is required.