Visited For RCT – Root Canal Treatment Teeth cleaning & polishing

Dr. Awanti is an amazing doctor. She is humble and empathetic. She provides in depth information about the procedure and is always happy to answer any questions. I had strong dislike for dentists and was scared to go to another dentist – but she took time to first make me comfortable and then proceeded with extreme care. The other two doctors in her team are also very understanding and helpful.

Rubal Jabbal


Visited For RCT – Root Canal TreatmentWisdom Tooth Extraction

Treatment was so painless as well as 3 teeths at a time 2 root canals one wisdom tooth extraction without any pain and did not take too much time.

Piyush Gaikwad


Visited For Dental Implant Fixing

Ambience very good. Staff very friendly n nice. Doctor eversmiling n friendly. Makes u feel very confident n comfortable. Would luv to recommend her always.

Bini Basu


Visited For Dental Fillings

I had a check up with Dr Awanti Mathesul. The staff here are welcoming, friendly and made me feel at ease before, during and after each procedure. Dr. Awanti explained everything thoroughly. She is very calm and informative also help us to put together a dental plan without being forceful but sugeestive.

Snehal Shinde