Treatment for loose teeth – Splinting

As long as teeth are fixed firmly with the support of the gums, there isn’t much of concern. But if the teeth start getting wobbly, at an age they should be firm, it is not just a concern but can also be painful.

Loose teeth in adults are caused by a periodontal disease or gum disease which involves the tissues surrounding the teeth, the bones which support the teeth, and the fibrous attachment between the bones and teeth. Other reasons could be trauma, bite injury or a tumour.

Some amount of tooth mobility is always present in the teeth as a natural phenomenon. This is because the teeth are not fixed firmly in their sockets. They are usually attached to the bone through an elastic ligament which makes them slightly movable.

Symptoms of loose teeth

  • The tissues around a loose tooth become Swollen, red, and worn out.
  • The patient experiences pain and discomfort while chewing.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment depends on the cause for loose teeth, and might include procedures like:

  • Extensive gum cleaning
  • Bite adjustment with Orthodontic treatment
  • Splinting
  • Using night guards
  • Treating abscesses